[Bytelixir / Make money by hanging up traffic] The income increased slightly, the unwithdrawn balance = 0.26 USD

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official is Bytelixir

1. Bytelixir update log


Unwithdrawal profit = 0.26 USD.

The current estimated number of idle devices is 40. The current traffic revenue does not feel very high and can only be considered as average.

If netizens are interested in Bytelixir, please click here to register. You will receive a US$1 registration bonus. Thank you for your support!

2. Key points of Bytelixir project


  1. "Acknowledgments at the beginning": None.
  2. "Basic introduction": This is a "traffic idle" online earning project, operated by "BTLX PTE. LTD.", and the company's registered location is Singapore in Asia. There are no reviews for this project on Turstpilot, and no proof of withdrawal has been found online, and its authenticity needs to be verified.

3. "Similar projects": Please refer to "Traffic hang-up articles".

4. "How to make money": Users make money by "sharing bandwidth".

4-1) "Mobile IP": Each GB=1 USD.

4-2) "Home IP": per GB=0.8 USD.

4-3) "Commercial IP": per GB=0.3 USD.

5. "Conditional restrictions":

4-1) "Platform restrictions": Currently it can only run on "Windows, Android" platforms, but you can use "VPN, Proxy" to make money by hanging up.

4-2) "Hook Restriction": Those who have not passed the "KYC" identity verification can only hang up 10 devices per account, and the Proxy money-making function cannot be turned on.

6. "Key Points of Alchemy":

6-1) "Modular operation": multiple IPs, multiple devices, and concentrate the income on withdrawals from the same account.

6-2) "Promote downline": Earn 50% of the revenue share.

7. "Withdrawal Information":

7-1) "Withdrawal Channel": USDT, TRX, DASH, BNB, MATIC, TCN, LTC, BTC, ETH.

7-2) "Withdrawal threshold": 5 USD for all currencies.

7-3) "Handling fee": unknown to be paid.

7-4) "Arrival time": unknown to be replenished.

8. "Promotion System": Profit sharing of downline income = 50%.

9. "Risk Warning": Medium to high, the security risk cannot be guaranteed. Please evaluate carefully before installation and take risks at your own risk.

10. "Project Overview":

Bytelixir is similar to Peer2profit in terms of business content, withdrawal options, etc. It is not sure whether it is a new venture for the Peer2profit team. As for the authenticity of the project, there shouldn't be much of a problem, because there has always been market demand for traffic hang-up projects. It just depends on how the officials operate it.

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